Our Moot Court




4 teams of super skilled lawyers...
4 thorough judges...
2 meticulous clerks...
A few brave witnesses...
And of course, a desperate plaintiff and an angry defendant...

Well done to all of you for your hard work!

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Final Year students

In the case BOYER v ANDERSON  






Jean-Arthur BOYER v Bob ANDERSON

Jean-Arthur is a 17 year old French bridge player. He is very talented and quite famous on the bridge scene.

The Portsmouth Bridge Club has invited Jean-Arthur to come and do a master class for their team before the annual National Competition which happens in London on the 2nd of February.

Jean-Arthur had arranged to come to Portsmouth for two days. He arrives in Portsmouth the morning of the 15th of January and gives a class to the bridge player team all afternoon in the Club.

After the master class, Bob, the Portsmouth Bridge Club headmaster tells Jean-Arthur the players will all meet down the pub that evening at 7. He offers jean-Arthur to join them.

Jean-Arthur joins the team a few hours later in the White Hart pub. He enters the pub, ignoring the “forbidden to anyone under 18” sign.

Bob is very happy to have Jean-Arthur as a guest and he offers a few rounds. Jean-Arthur starts feeling tipsy. He starts talking to Casey, Bob’s girlfriend, sitting next to him, who spent a year in France. After two hours, as the two of them are still talking, Bob interrupts their conversation and tells Casey he would like to go home. She answers in French that she wants to stay but that he can go home without her, which makes Jean-Arthur laugh. Bob grabs Jean-Arthur by the shirt and yells “You may be my guest but if you keep chatting up my girlfriend, I’ll kill you”. Then Bob tries to give a kiss goodbye to Casey, but she pushes him back and he falls on the floor. He gets back up and wants to hit Casey but hits Jean-Arthur instead, as she bends forward.

Jean-Arthur falls on the table then rolls on the floor. He manages to stand back up and says he is feeling ill and would like to lie down. Bob walks him to a room away from the crowd and helps him lie on the floor. Jean-Arthur passes out. Bob opens the window to let the fresh air in, then walks off. It starts snowing outside.

Jean-Arthur wakes up the following day. Everyone has left. He feels sore and very cold. Jean-Arthur can’t walk so he calls on an ambulance. At the Portsmouth hospital, the nurse who checks on him tells him he’s fine and that he should go home. Jean-Arthur manages to get on the ferry back to Le Havre. He starts feeling worse and worse during the journey. The following day, he is admitted in the emergency service at the Hôpital du Havre. The doctor tells him that he got pneumonia and has three broken ribs. He advises Jean-Arthur to stay in bed for four weeks. As a result Jean-Arthur has to cancel his next three bridge competitions, including the International Bridge Competition in Beijin happening in April, where there was a 15 000 pounds prize. Jean-Arthur gets severely depressed and has to stop playing bridge.